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Action Quake 2

Welcome to Action Quake 2

Action Quake 2 (AQ2) is a fast action packed game with (90's) modern weapons. Without further ado, a fan made gameplay/frag movie that will make it clear what action is all about.

Lights... Camera... ACTION!

So you think you're ready for action? Hit the "Play Action Quake 2 now!" button and join the fun! You can also join a specific server using the server list. This section explains the basic key bindings and gameplay elements you should know about when playing Action Quake 2.

When you first join a teamplay server, you will be a spectator. The team selection menu comes up with the , key. Select a team and your weapon using the arrow keys and you are a few seconds away from the next round.

While playing, you can change your weapon any time for the next round using the same , key that you used to select your team. Try out different weapon and item combinations to find out what works for you the best. The most common one is M4 Assault Rifle and Kevlar Vest.

Next, the default key bindings are explained. They can be changed using the ESC key in-game and selecting the Settings menu and finally Input Bindings.


Command Key
move forward W
move backward S
strafe left A
strafe right D
jump SPACE
duck CTRL
walk slowly SHIFT


Command Key
fire weapon MOUSE1
change weapon mode MOUSE2
reload weapon R
sniper zoom in MWHEELUP
sniper zoom out MWHEELDOWN


Command Key
bandage wound E
open door V
drop weapon Z
drop item X
drop flag (CTF) C


Command Key
use primary weapon Q
use mk23 pistol 1
use akimbo pistols 2
use combat knife 3


Command Key
show scores TAB
world chat T
team chat Y
weapon/team menu , (comma)

Get in touch

Feeling alone? The community is here! Most of the websites contain forums for you to join and discuss. To get help or someone to play with, we recommend joining the Action Quake 2 Discord.

This project (Q2Online) and webpage is made and maintained by hifi. You can contact me on Discord if you have any questions or issues.


The server list is fetched from q2servers.com master server every hour. If some server is missing, please ask the server administrator to add setmaster master.q2servers.com to the server configuration file.

Hostname Address Players Map


Java Web Start: "Splash:recv failed"

This is related to the launcher not being able to download itself via Java Web Start. It either means your network is down (unlikely) or that an external application is blocking Javas web access, such as a firewall. Usually the problematic firewall is Comodo and the solution is to add javaws.exe to its exception list. Disabling Comodo temporarily does not help.

Where do I save my own pak files and autoexec.cfg?

The install location is determined as follows:

Windows 7 / 10 %LOCALAPPDATA%\.q2online

Linux $HOME/.q2online

Save your autoexec.cfg to the action folder of Q2Online. To add your own HUD or other modifications, we suggest using the .pkz format that is just a normal zip file with different extension. Use a name that does not conflict with any other stock Q2Online file and make sure it is loaded after them. Using pak10.pkz or higher is recommended to avoid any future conflicts with Q2Online.

How do I get all the missing textures and other assets?

Q2Online consists of only free components that were distributed with the Quake 2 demo or Action Quake 2. To get all the missing assets you need to own a full version of Quake 2.

To upgrade Q2Online to full version Quake 2. Copy baseq2/pak0.pak from your Quake 2 CD or installation directory to baseq2/pak10.pak in Q2Online directory. Be careful about the file name, replacing Q2Online pak0.pak will result the next update check to fail and it being replaced with the demo file.

How do I uninstall Q2Online and all mods?

See "Where do I save my own pak files and autoexec.cfg" FAQ entry. Just remove the Q2Online directory.

I accidentally removed my Action Quake 2 shortcut, how do I get it back?

First, make sure you have the latest Java installed. Safe version at the time of writing this FAQ entry was Java 7 Update 10. Older Java 7 versions have a bug that prevents you from recreating the shortcut.

Navigate to Control Panel - Java - Temporary Internet Files - View... and select Action Quake 2 from the Applications list and click the shortcut icon. That's it.

What client Q2Online is using?

The latest Q2PRO client is built from the source every now and then when there are major changes to it that affect Q2Online players. You are always up-to-date with the latest features and innovations!